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Fatastic cycling ephemera



LA GAZZETTA DELLA BICI: A new goldmine from Peter Dreesens.

Check out the rest of the collection. Sport graphic design has never been better.

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Euro style!

And while I’m on La Gazzetta Della Bici here is a great find by Simon… just teetering up there on top… so Euro.

I can’t say I know who it is off the top of my head?

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Bic your favourite classic cycling cap!



Sunglasses fun… Merckx & Jan Janssen, 1970 Tdf.

via the always awesome Cycling Art Blog.

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Generations apart but the same sentiment

This is Eddy Merckx posing with a young fan in a cycling cap.

This is Mark Cavendish posing with a young fan in a cycling cap.

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Great vintage Pepsi cap (via LA GAZZETTA DELLA BICI)

Great post again from LA GAZZETTA DELLA BICI. You should all check out his blog and buy some of his massage oils. He’s a good guy… and totally above board.

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Flip up, or down – Jacques Anquetil

I am not a flipper. Seeing photos like this I think I should but why? Why flip? Is it like zipping up when crossing the finish line to highlight sponsors? Is there nothing about it, it’s just something done…. for no reason?

Do you flip? Are you a flipper?

Jacques Anquetil 1962

Jacques Anquetil in 1962

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Tom Simpson

Last night I watched the great BBC documentary on Tom SimpsonThe Story of Tom Simpson. He was truly a talented, unique and genial cyclists of all time until his untimely death on Mont Ventoux during the 1967 Tour de France as a result of amphetamines, heat, alcohol, a stomach complaint and exhaustion.

He wore a cap well.

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The cycling cap: investigation report #1 – How to wear a cycling cap

I’ve asked about, I’ve googled the interwebs and been the the old school library shelves but no real answers until now. When you start coming out of the cycling fashion (and history) closet and admit you’ve got a thing for cycling caps (and classic jerseys but that is out of the scope for this blog) you find out who else shares your passion. One comment to a post gave me my first real leads.

Gemma is an Adelaide Cyclist who opposed by flippant comment that the model wearing the Ride Magazine cap looked uncomfortable. Gemma said of all the images in this blog she was actually the only one wearing it properly (in true Euro style). She sent me these direction:

How to Wear a Cycling Cap & some Rules of the Euro Cyclist:
When riding, sans helmet (with short hair), a team issue cycling cap (white in colour), shall be worn. The bill shall remain in the downward position at all times. The cycling cap may be worn forwards or backwards to coincide with the specifics of one’s current hairstyle. During spring training, cycling toques Previewshall be worn at all times in place of caps.

As noted above, there are only two acceptable placements of a cotton cycling cap (exception when hat is worn under helmet during inclement weather, which must include sustained rain showers):

  • Brim facing forward, with cap worn high on head.
  • Brim facing rearward, with cap still worn high on head.

Under no circumstances should cap be pulled down onto head such that the hat band comes within 2cm of the top of your ear! It should be perched precariously on top at all times, in danger of being blown away like a wispy climber on Mt. Ventoux

Just like this, Miguel Indurain was the king or euro cap wearing:

Miguel Indurain

Thanks Gemma. She also imparted some other information that at this point I need a second verification on. It is a shocking concept no cycling cap lover will appreciate.
While you wait for that here is some more classic cap wearing moments from Miguel Indurain and the end of the cap wearing (ie no helmet required) era of the Grand Tours.



Fausto Coppi eating an orange

It’s 1952. Caps are coming into their own, peaks are being flipped…. Fausto Coppi is eating an orange.

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Happy 65th to ‘The Cannibal’

June 17 1945 Edouard Louis Joseph, Baron Merckx was born. Some say the greatest cyclist of all time in a career that begain in 1961 through the 1978. Perhaps not all squeaky clean but certainly was a cycling who could wear a cap.

To celebrate the Canibal’s birthday here are three classic cap wearing moments.

Merckx in the 1966 Worlds wearing a Peugeot cap.

Merckx signs autographs in a Faema team cap

Merckx the champion again in Faema (fliped up for a win)

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