Good cap technique

Good cap technique

From Cycling Weekly, 1981.

Love the typo. They were in a hurry to get out for a ride.

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New Venga from Red Dots Cycling


Red Dots Cycling's new Venga cap

red dots cycling.

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Help Red Dots Cycling Caps

Carolle & Richard from Red Dots Cycling in Vancouver, Canada are asking for some crowd-sourced funding to build their cap making business. I’ve contributed because I love their caps.

They say: Carolle is the artist/seamstress who loves to be creative with her hands, and Richard is the artist/cyclist, when not on his bike, paints and blogs. From the first time we met in art school we knew we were destined to work together. In 2009, we combined our strengths and set our goal to make the finest classic cycling caps. We also enjoy working with re-cycled bike inner tubes creating one-of-a-kind practical accessories.

Check out our website to learn more:


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The Jack Taylor Story

Great shot with some nice early caps.

Off The Beaten Path


Some stories are too big for a regular magazine article. They could just about fill a book! In those cases, we dedicate almost an entire edition of Bicycle Quarterly magazine to a single topic.

The Jack Taylor story in Vol. 7, No. 4 is a good example. My friend Mark Lawrence became friends with the Taylor Brothers during his university years. The brothers had achieved world-wide fame for building touring bikes and tandems that rode wonderfully, yet were relatively affordable.

We decided that their story had to be documented, and Mark was the person to do the job. He spent many hours interviewing the surviving Taylor brothers, Ken and Jack, as well as Jack’s wife Peggy. The brothers gave him full access to their photo archives with wonderfully evocative shots of racing in post-war Britain, of the “works” (their shop), and of the bikes they built.


What emerged was a…

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Neglected blog…

Neglected blog...

I’ve neglected this blog a bit… sorry.

Here is a photo of some recent caps I’ve acquired.

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Ou est mon Domestique t-shirt

Ou est mon Domestique t-shirt

The Ou est mon Domestique t-shirt

Be the lead rider… call for your domestiques!

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Rapha Cycle Club [Monocle]


Rapha really have nailed their business model. They kind of make me sick but I am also drawn towards them.

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